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Specializing In Wide Format Scanning and Copying Systems

Wide Scanners and Systems offer a large selection of Wide Format Scanners, Multi-Function Copying Systems and Application Software. Additionally, we are a major supplier of spare parts for Contex, GTCO CalComp® ScanPlus™ and Vidar brand scanners.

Scan-to-File or Scan-to-Print

Do you need to scan large documents such as Architectural, Engineering or Construction Plans?  What about Maps, Aerial Photos, Original Artwork or Posters?  Perhaps you would like to reproduce Textile Patterns or Design Templates?  Or maybe, you simply need to make copies of large size documents?  Whatever your need, we want to help you find the perfect scanning solution. 

Scanners built with you in mind

Today's scanners have come along way.  They're wider, faster, more accurate and deliver better image quality than ever before.  And now, they're even more affordable.... <Scanners>